School-Conference "Ramsar Convention - is to stop the loss and degradation of wetlands in Ukraine"
Friday, February 3, 2017
Lectures. Statements. Discussion: 1. To bring students to the strategic plan, the main idea that consolidated the member countries of the Ramsar Convention. 2. Set the list of objects of wetlands in Ukraine, which are protected under the Ramsar Convention. 3. Name and to characterize and projected to entering safekeeping in Cherkasy region. 4. Environmental problems are not caused Cherkassy region rational use of wetlands in the past. 5. Wetlands - how can we take care of them and rationally used. Excursion: 1. Introduction to the operation of some features Land anthropogenically altered river Dnieper near Kanev hydro power station in winter.
Country : Ukraine
Organizer : Kaniv Nature Reserve
Partners : Kanev gymnasium of the Ivan Franko
Target Audience: Children Type of Event: School Event Year: 2017