RiceBED 2030 Project “6th Mini-Forum : Ecosystem Impacts of Agricultural Practices that Conserve Soil Biodiversity”
Wednesday, February 28, 2024
The Rice-paddy Biocultural-diversity Enhancement Decade 2030 (RiceBED 2030) of the Ramsar Network Japan aims to improve biodiversity in agricultural areas. At the sixth forum, Professor Nobuhiro Kaneko of Fukushima University will talk about no-till farming as an ideal agricultural method to enhance soil biodiversity conservation and carbon sequestration. This will be followed by an exchange of views and discussions with participants on how to apply this farming method in rice paddies. Previous mini-forums (2022~2023) 1. Rice Paddies and Biocultural Diversity: Why Biodiversity Protects Cultural Diversity 2. Agriculture in Shiga Prefecture, Forestry and Fisheries in Symbiosis with Lake Biwa (Lake Biwa World Agricultural Heritage System) 3. Rice Paddies and Biodiversity: the Osaki Kodo in Miyagi Prefecture, World Heritage Site 4. How to Inscribe Rice Paddies as OECMs 5. Report on the Results of a Large-scale Field Survey on Agricultural Practices to Improve Biodiversity on Farmland
Country : Japan
Organizer : the Ramsar Network Japan
Story type: Story Target Audience: Youth Local Communities General public Type of Event: Conference Type of Wetland: Human-made wetlands Year: 2024