Monday, February 1, 2021
This online panel discussion, organized for World Wetlands Day 2021, will bring together diverse panellists to provide insights on why we need to upscale and accelerate initiatives that conserve wetlands and all freshwater ecosystems to ensure freshwater for all. The panellists will discuss: • The status and trends of the world’s freshwater ecosystems, including the different types of wetlands, and how their health relates to meeting freshwater availability. • The enabling environment and fundamental drivers key to transitioning towards conservation and sustainable use of freshwater ecosystems as a nature-based solution for water security. • Share examples of emerging initiatives and actions leading the way to more sustainable freshwater ecosystems management for people and nature
Country : Switzerland
Organizer : Secretariat Ramsar Convention on Wetlands
Target Audience: Policy-makers General public Type of Event: Conference Year: 2021