Competition: Wetlands, their importance and environmental value (Konkursi: Ligatinat, rendesia dhe vlerat mjedisore)
jueves 2 de febrero de 2023
The project "Wetland restoration in the perception of the students of Faculty of History and Philology" aims to increase the involvement of the students from each Department of the Faculty of History and Philology, University of Tirana, through the organization of a competition and exhibition with the theme: "Wetlands, their importance and environmental values". The posters, essays and short awareness spots created by the students of the Faculty of History and Philology, UT, Tirana, Albania, will aim to provide scientific information and a call to action by all for the conservation and restoration of wetlands. Students participating in the Competition and the exhibition organized during the project will be more involved in the future in issues related to the protection and restoration of the environment in general and wetlands in particular. On February 2, 2023, the participants in the competition and other interested students will plant 500 pine seedlings in NP Divjake-Karavasta. The Faculty will donate the posters, essays and awareness spots produced by the students to Visitors Center at the NP Divjake-Karavasta.
Country : Albania
Organizer : Faculty of History and Philology, Prof.dr. Sabri Laci & Prof.asoc. Dr. Sonila Papathimiu
Partners : AdZM Fier, Qendra e Informacionit PK Divjake-Karavasta
Target Audience: Youth Children Teachers Policy-makers Journalists Local Communities General public Type of Event: Exhibition Field Tour Type of Wetland: Humedales costeros Year: 2023