"What is a wetland?” - classes 1A -1B --- Teachers: Antonietta Cursio, Antonietta Sammartino and Alessandra Piccirilli, Ist. Compr. Sandro Pertini - Orta Nova - Italy
lundi 7 février 2022
Classes: 1A -1B - Ist. Compr. S. Pertini Orta Nova (Foggia) Italy Activities: Creating a collaborative presentation with Google Slides (wetlands near my little town); -Creating a quiz with questions based on the importance of wetlands - Creating a simple video to disseminate the experience.
Pays : Italie
Organisateur : Mrs Antonietta Cursio
Partenaires : Special needs teachers
Story type: Story Target Audience: Youth Children Teachers Local Communities General public Type of Event: School Event Type of Wetland: Zones humides côtières Year: 2022