A call to take action for wetlands is the focus of this years’ campaign. It's an appeal to invest financial, human and political capital to save the world’s wetlands from disappearing and to restore those we have degraded.

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Actions for Wetlands

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贡 雪菲
In my country, 1.Carry out scientific wetland landscape design to maintain wetland ecological security and public safety. 2.The establishment and restoration of urban wetlands should focus on local native species.
刘 璇
Wetlands are very helpful to the environment. I have the following ideas 1. Effectively protect rural drinking water sources. 2. Strengthen the treatment of rural domestic pollution.3. Strictly control industrial pollution in rural areas.
梅 上元
In my country,we should Strengthen publicity and education. Improve the wetland protection awareness of the whole nation, urge everyone to establish the ecological civilization concept of respecting nature and conforming to nature protection.
嵇 心悦
Water is important to wetlands. It can improve the underground water .We should plant more trees in order to protect the wetlands. We should protect animals and plants and give wild animals a home.