Restored mangroves in West Africa provide multiple benefits

03 Dec 2018

The world’s largest mangrove reforestation project is underway in the Casamance and Sine Saloum

regions of Senegal. The projects aims to plant 79 million mangrove trees on more than 10,000

hectares, helping to restore a portion of the 45,000 hectares that have been lost since the 1970s.

With the restoration of these wetlands, coastal areas will be buffered against storms, rice paddies

will flourish, up to 18,000 extra tons of fish annually will be produced, 500,000 tons of carbon dioxide

(CO2) over 20 years will be stored, and 350 local villages and 200,000 people will be involved,

vested, and protected.


Photo credits: Livelihoods Fund