On World Wetlands Day, WHO celebrates the vital role of wetlands in safeguarding human health and wellbeing amid the changing climate. Wetlands including marshes, swamps and floodplains are nature’s buffer against climate change. They absorb excess rainfall, reduce flooding risks and help to protect critical infrastructure including health facilities.

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World Wetlands Day Messages and Statements

Chi cục TT và BVTV tỉnh Lạng Sơn Lạng Sơn
Chi cục TT và BVTV tỉnh Lạng Sơn đã tổ chức hoạt động hưởng ứng Ngày Đất ngập nước bằng nhiều hình thức
nicole roberts
United Kingdom
I pledge to reduce my day-to-day influence on wetlands by making careful choices.
Nikola Pupolina
United Kingdom
I pledge to feed water animals near me.
Công đoàn Giám định Y khoa Lạng Sơn
Cam kết


Land areas that are saturated or flooded with water either permanently or seasonally.

Inland wetlands:

 Marshes, lakes, rivers, floodplains, peatlands and swamps   

Coastal wetlands:

Saltwater marshes, estuaries, mangroves, lagoons and coral reefs

Human-made wetlands:

Fish ponds, rice paddies and salt pans

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